Belt Order for Goju Kenpo

Belt Stripe Requirements

What are the stripes for?        
All the belt requirements to advance to the next belt rank are broken up into 6 segments. Every 2 weeks we will train a different stripe and you will have an opportunity to test for that stripe in front of an Assistant or Head Instructor. All students will be required to have all six (6) stripes on their belts before their test.

What do the stripes mean?
Here are the requirements for each stripe color:   


Yellow: Techniques: Set #1

Orange: Judo

Blue: Techniques: Set #2

Green: Katas/Forms

Red: Techniques: Set #3

 Brown: Jiu-Jitsu




When can I test for stripes?
The rotation for the curriculum is: 1 stripe every 2 weeks and then move to the next stipe requirements for 2 weeks ect. Testing for stripes may be done before or after the ‘Test Prep’ class on Saturday mornings, and durring classes the last week of that stripe rotation.

I have all my stripes. Can I test for my next belt rank?
You must first meet the hour requirements for the current belt you are on, as well as earn all the stripes. Then you will be able to sign-up for the next test that is on the calendar.
-All testing hours start from zero after previous test.
-You may not have more than a 14-day gap between classes and holidays.