At GKX we are passionate about Martial Arts. But, martial arts is NOT only punching and kicking... that is only a small aspect of the Martial Arts. Compassion, Respect, Honor, Integrity are a few of the attributes that are intertwined with our everyday teachings at GKX.

We have begun a new initiative at GKX that is the stating point for giving back. The cost is low, the return is great.

For every Facebook Check-In from people who walk into the doors at GKX, we will give a donation to a local charity. Its that simple. 

All it takes is your time to open the Facebook app on your mobile device, comment on GKX as well as the charity that is being donated by your post. and click Check-In. DONE.

So, why doesn't GKX just make donations and not worry about your Check-In? Good question. The answer is simple.

Money=support Awareness=movement

The money given from your Check-in is valuable, but the awareness that spreads from your Check-in's are priceless.

You cannot out-give compassion.

Give all you have to each moment, holding nothing back.

When you give, it may not come back to you from where or whom you think it should, but it always does. The gift you put out will always circle and find its perfect way back to you.

I look at my life today and see the gift that has cycled back to me from years ago from what I gave. So when you feel moved to give, don’t stop the pure flow of your heart. To hold back the pure impulse of compassion that seeks to flow through your heart is painful.

When you give, you expand. In this expansion, you open yourself to be able to receive at the level you are able to give. The more you give, the more you open within yourself the space to receive.

So dare to give what you most want.

If you want love, give it the best you can. If you want to grow your business, help those around you grow theirs. If you want certain connections and contacts, share yours with others.

As you give, you reinforce that the giving is abundant, and you move yourself into a prosperous flow.

Your capacity to receive will not exceed your capacity to give.

I believe that when you give, because that’s what your heart feels most authentically, then you are in alignment.

When you go into your mind and start over-calculating, “What will they give me back? What’s in it for me?” then things tend not to flow.

Of course, only give if it feels authentic for you to do so.

The opportunity for giving is abundant, and it knows how to bring about the fulfillment of your perfect experience in any given moment.

In giving, remember also to give to yourself. When you give to yourself, you will have more to give others. And the more you give to others, the more you will have to give yourself.

Giving and receiving is a cycle that is one whole. As you also allow yourself to receive, it is also a form of giving by allowing others the opportunity to give.

If you want to receive more, give more. And if you want to give more, receive more.

How much are you willing to receive? Then GIVE! The more you give, the MORE you will get.

GKX will donate to different Charities every month ranging from Human Trafficking, Hunger, Homeless, Animals, Clothing, Toys, Orphans etc. If you have a charity that you would like us to consider, please call the office at 512-960-4898 and let us know.

The more you check-in, the more we give!

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