Offering quality service at the highest level



Offering quality service at the highest level


Why do others use contracts?

It’s simple; they know their service and teaching is not sustainable. We have heard that some locations are saying that it teaches commitment or discipline, and that is why they do 1-3 year contracts…..But, our Master instructor Don-E was speaking with another very well known and large Martial Arts School owner, and they honestly said,

“ I cant do month to month, because we cant serve our members as well as you, and they would just leave.”

At GKX we give you the freedom to stay because you choose to, not because you are contractually obligated to increase a businesses bottom line!


Why do OTHERS have so many other fees?

This is simple too. More money! GKX does NOT have hidden fees because we are about PEOPLE OVER PROFIT.

No Enrollment Fee. No Cancellation Fee. No Upgrade Fee. No Annual Fee.

The main fee most people learn about way too late after signing a ridiculous contract, is that after you get to an advanced belt, they UP YOUR MEMBERSHIP COST! CRAZY!

At GKX we hide nothing and all prices are the same for everyone.






  • No Contracts

  • No Enrollment Fee

  • No Cancellation Fee

  • No Set Schedule

  • No Annual Fee

  • No Rank Up-Charge

  • Free Make-Up Classes

Family Discounts

  • 2nd Family Member

    20% OFF

  • 3rd Family Member
    25% OFF

  • 4th or more = FREE (Immediate family members only)

Military & First Responder Discount

50% OFF ALL Membership plans. Discount includes all immediate family.

You have served this Country and City, so we serve you!

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Add to Cart

 Terms & Conditions

  1. You are required to submit a Memership Cancellation Form within 30 days prior to your next billing date to terminate enrollment. Form can be obtained on-site or via email by request.

  2. Monthly payments are deducted via EFT from a checking account. Checking & Routing # required on enrollment.

  3. Plans may be put on hold for vacation with a 4-week minimum, but lasting no longer than 3 months, with at least a 5-day advanced notice.

  4. Membership levels can be changed at any time with at least a 5-day advanced notice.