Welcome to the GKX Martial Arts Intra-School Tournament. We encourage students of all ages and rank to participate. This is an

opportunity to experience healthy competition in an atmosphere of respect and fun.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each division will receive beautiful trophies for their outstanding efforts, and ALL Kids who compete in the Life-Skills category will have their names individually announced and presented with a finisher medal.

All scoring will be decided by our teaching staff. Our goal is to make each division fun, fair and challenging. Our hope is for each student to walk away with a positive experience and good sportsmanship skills. We hope to see you there and look forward to sharing this special event with our entire martial arts family.

Tournament Rules for Youth & Adult Sparring

  1. Students must wear sparring gear that is not worn or unsafe. Please make me sure all your gear is in good working condition. - Protective sparring gear, groin cup, and mouth piece are mandatory.

  2. Full uniform is required, no T-shirt.

  3. Each match is 2 minutes long.

  4. Whoever scores the most points by the end of the 2 minute match is the winner.

  5. Points are scored by kicking and striking to the body, and padded area of the head or defending and countering an attack, throwing or submitting your opponent.

  6. It takes 1 judge to see a point and 2 judges to confirm that point.

  7. If both competitors score points at the same time, no one gets a point.

  8. Light contact is permitted. Striking to the face, spine, kidneys, and knees are prohibited.

  9. Excessive contact to prohibited areas can earn a warning, a point awarded to person who was struck, and/or disqualification.

  10. It takes 1 judge to see contact and 2 judges to qualify it as contact.

  11. If a competitor falls to the ground, the judge will count to three, stop the match and stand up the competitor before resuming.

  12. A competitor cannot score a point when he/she has one foot out of the ring.

  13. Divisions are decided by skill level, height, weight and safety.

Tournament Rules for Youth & Adult KATA

For the Tournament, you can preform any Kata you like.

If you are a white belt, you are required to preform the FULL Kata, ALL 21 steps, even though you only need to know the first 9 steps for your test.

  1. Standing on the outside of the ring, walk forward to the center of the back border. Turn toward, the judges and bow while looking at them. You are now able to step in to the ring. From here on, do not take your eyes off the judges.

  2. Walk forward with an "assured" pace and mannerism, stepping to within 4 - 6 feet away from the judges. Stop, bow to them again, and go into "redy stance".

  3. Say, In a strong confident voice (NOT YELLING) "Judges, My name is (state name), my style is Goju Kenpo, my instructor is Sensei Don-E, with your permission, I will perform for you (name the kata). Bow to the judges again, step backward to the middle of the ring trying not to look backward if you can (show confidence the whole time). Perform your kata.

  4. Once finished, go back to whatever your ready stance while they score you.

  5. After scoring, the head judge will either bow to you or simply nod his head. At this time, bow to the judges again, turn and walk to the back edge of the ring, turn toward the judges, bow again, then step backward out of the ring.

Practice this over and over as you practice your kata the whole week or more before the tournament.

Heian Shodan (Full 21 Steps)